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Build and grow from scratch, in difficult & challenging environments.

We are company and project builders, entrepreneurs dedicated to get your company or project up and running in Mexico and Europe.

Use what we have learnt

For more than 20 years we have developed, operated, invested in and disinvested from our own projects and companies from scratch in some of the most challenging environments in China, Mexico, Sierra Leone and Ucrania. 

Skin in the game

We are entrepreneurs, no consultants, and we share some of the risk which comes with starting something new with you. Having skin the game requires us to be selective of the projects we take on.

No frills. 100% committed.

Once we commit, we are all-in and we require the same from the people and companies we work with. We focus on delivering results.

Ethical & Impactful 

We work ethically, aiming on having a positive impact on society and the environment. For us ESG is not just a label, it is a conviction. One of our companies is a certified B Corp.  


Primary sector related 

We love to get involved with projects or companies related to the primary sector: energy (renewable energy), agriculture (agrotech, insurtech, sustainable ag, trading), mining and infrastructure.


Others see complexity, obstacles, or challenging regulation: we see opportunities. We know how to get ventures started in difficult environments and make them rewarding.

What we have done so far:

  • Renewable energy
    Development of mini-hydro projects in Peru and Mexico, solar energy projects in Mexico, project for generating biogas from restaurant waste in China


  • Mining
    Built from scratch iron ore mining operation in Mexico, which had produced and delivered iron ore to international trading houses and Chinese clients for ten years.
    Built from scartch quarry operation in Sierra Leon (Africa).
    Sourcing mineral rights for international clients.


  • Agriculture
    Creation of Mexico’s leading digital agriculture company and first digital agriculture insurance provider.


  • Trading
    We have been sourcing commodeties (minerals, steel, agriculture products) from Latin America, Africa and Middle East. 

How we work:

You can work with us through specific assignments, interim management structure, joint-venture and co-investment.

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Let’s explore opportunities.